Salesforce CRT-251 practice test

Welcome to your Salesforce CRT-251 practice test

QUESTION 1A company frequently has issues with customers that need complex, hands-on technical support with high-priority
issues in difficult-to-visit locales. What should be recommended for reliable, real-time support to customers with these
QUESTION 2Who has permission to edit a Chatter profile?
QUESTION 3Who is most interested in invisibility, no surprises, and system ROI?
QUESTION 4As part of Enterprise Territory management implementation, Cloud Kicks wants the user to manually search for territory
in an active territory model and assign to Opportunities. Which approach should the Consultant suggest to meet this
QUESTION 5The VP of Sales at Cloud Kicks wants to automate the process of reassigning Accounts when the Account owner gets
transferred to a different team or region. The VP wants reassignment to be based on the Account status and
confirmation that the new Account owner is informed of their new Account inheritance.
Which two strategies can the consultant use to design the solution?
QUESTION 6A premier customer for Universal Software needs access to confidential product roadmap information.
To securely send this information using content delivery, what step should a sales representative take? Choose 2
QUESTION 7Cloud Kicks wants to sell to both consumers and businesses. There will be a consumer sales team and a business sales
team. Which two Salesforce functions will allow the Consultant to meet this requirement? Choose 2 answers
QUESTION 8Universal Containers plans to migrate its existing knowledge base into Salesforce Knowledge. Which three statements
must be considered? Choose 3 answers
QUESTION 9Universal Containers wants to implement a Knowledge management process with the following requirements:
It must contain four different kinds of content: customer FAQs, product specifications, contact center procedures, and
product manuals.
It must provide the ability to filter Knowledge search results by a single product, multiple products, or all 56 products.
Any product-related content created by contact center agents must be approved by the contact center manager and the
Knowledge manager before being published. Product content should only be visible internally to contact center agents
who handle that product.
How should a consultant recommend that Knowledge be configured? Choose 3 answers
QUESTION 10In the last requirements meeting, Cloud Kicks team members mention that they will be taking the next week off for a
conference. What should a Consultant do in response to this news?
QUESTION 11Universal Containers has an upcoming maintenance window where read-only access will be available
Which two actions will Universal Containers be able to perform during this window? Choose 2 answers
QUESTION 12Universal Containers agents often need to access the same cases, contacts, and orders multiple times per day. What should the consultant recommend to meet this requirement?
QUESTION 13UC and Global Shipping (GS) are affiliates of ABC Corporation. Both affiliates use separate instances of Salesforce and
work independently but sell to some of the same customers. They would like to collaborate on the common customers
but keep the data for other customers separate. What approach should a consultant recommend for implementing
Salesforce to meet these requirements?