EMC E20-562 practice test

Welcome to your EMC E20-562 practice test

QUESTION 1A service provider has implemented a VPLEX Metro cluster without VPLEX Witness and has implemented a static rule
set. The static ruleset has been set to “cluster-2 detaches”. A Microsoft Windows host in the Cluster-1 data center uses
a distributed volume. However, the WAN COM fails.
What is the result of this failure?
QUESTION 2What steps are performed during extent and device migration?
QUESTION 3Which command collects the most recent performance statistics from all VPLEX directors?
QUESTION 4What is the relationship between a storage volume and an extent?
QUESTION 5In a VPLEX Metro, what factor has a direct impact on VPLEX performance with respect to WAN bandwidth?
QUESTION 6What is a consideration when using VPLEX RecoverPoint enabled consistency groups?
QUESTION 7At which layer of the director IO stack are local and distributed mirroring managed?
QUESTION 8LUNs are being provisioned from an ALUA-capable back-end array to VPLEX. What is the path requirement for each VPLEX director when connecting to this type of array?
QUESTION 9What is a supported geometry for a VPLEX device?
QUESTION 10What happens to global cache size if a director fails and is removed from the cluster?
QUESTION 11Which protocol does the service laptop use to communicate with and maintain an EMC VPLEX environment?
QUESTION 12What is a valid target for a device data migration in VPLEX?
QUESTION 13A storage administrator has created a VPLEX distributed device. The administrator is performing application tests on the
host utilizing the distributed virtual volumes. During testing, some of the write response times appear to be elongated.
What is a characteristic of distributed devices that explains this issue?