NetApp NS0-160 practice test

Welcome to your NetApp NS0-160 practice test

QUESTION 1Which command would you use to enable the ONTAP HA feature?
QUESTION 2To which three objects on an ONTAP 9.3 cluster would you assign a QoS throughput floor? (Choose three.)
QUESTION 3Which three tasks are SVM administrators allowed to perform? (Choose three.)
QUESTION 4Which statement is true about creating volumes that contain LUNs?
QUESTION 5A storage administrator has a single-node FAS cluster. The administrator wants to add a second node to convert the
FAS storage array into a switchless cluster. In this scenario, what would the administrator do to accomplish the task?
QUESTION 6You have configured SVM Disaster Recovery on your cluster, and you set the identity-preserve option to false. In this
scenario, which objects are replicated?
QUESTION 7Which LIF types are owned by the admin SVMs? (Choose two.)
QUESTION 8In which scenario would you specifically assign aggregates to SVMs?
QUESTION 9An administrator created an SVM for a VMware vSphere 6.5 clusters. For the SVM, the NFS protocol was enabled. Data
LIFs were configured with jumbo frames. The nfs01 volume was created and mounted as the junction path /nfs01. A
VMware export policy that allowed all the hosts of the cluster was applied to the SVM. However, the hosts are unable to mount
the volume.
In this scenario, what caused the problem?
QUESTION 10Click the Exhibit button.lead4pass ns0-160 practice test q10
Referring to the output shown in the exhibit, which aggregate capacity is available for a volume?
QUESTION 11How would you protect a NAS SVM root volume?
QUESTION 12Which ONTAP feature uses the Service Processor to speed up takeover times between HA pairs?
QUESTION 13When you create a FlexVol volume, which security style is applied by default?