aci 3i0-012

Welcome to your aci 3i0-012 practice test

QUESTION 1You are quoted the following market rates:
spot EUR/CHF 1.1005 6M (180-day) EUR 3.45% 6M (180-day) CHF 1.25%
What are the 6-month EUR/CHF forward points?
QUESTION 2Click on the Exhibit Button to view the Formula Sheet. If you bought USD 2,000,000 against CHF at 1.1020, USD
3,000,000 at 1.1040 and USD 5,000,000 at 1.1032, what is the average rate of your position?
QUESTION 3Which of the following correctly states the Model Code\\'s recommendations regarding electronic trading and broking?
QUESTION 4Which of the following statements about Eurodollar deposits is correct?
QUESTION 5Under what conditions can an FX broker act as a position taker?
QUESTION 6Clients of a voice-broker quote EUR/GBP at 0.8345-50, 0.8346-51, 0.8348-53 and 0.8349-53. What will be the broker\\'s
QUESTION 7What does the Model Code say about netting?
QUESTION 8You are paying 5% per annum paid semi-annually and receiving 6-month LIBOR on a USD 10 million interest rate swap
with exactly two years to maturity . 6-month LIBOR for the next payment date is fixed today at 4.95%. You expect
6month LIBOR in 6 months to fix at 5.25%, in 12 months at 5.35% and in 18 months at 5.40%. What do you expect the
net settlement amounts to be over the next 2 years? Assume 30-day months.
QUESTION 9The gamma of an option is:
QUESTION 10What is the purpose of a short straddle option strategy?
QUESTION 11How would you delta hedge a deeply "in-the-money" short put option?
QUESTION 12Your broker quotes you EUR/USD at 1.3425-28. You respond by saying "yours". Which one of the following statements is true?
QUESTION 13What rate should be used if the settlement date in a foreign exchange transaction is no longer a "good" date?