Avaya 71800X practice test

Welcome to your Avaya 71800X practice test

QUESTION 1What is the Avaya IXTM message bandwidth required for inbound and for outbound traffic?
QUESTION 2Which three field settings does the consolidated server have the ability to change? (Choose three.)
QUESTION 3In Avaya IXTM Messaging, which three statements about the WebLM server are true? (Choose three.)
QUESTION 4In Avaya IX\\'" Messaging High Availability, which server conducts the Database Management operation?
QUESTION 5Refer to the Exhibit. lead4pass 71800x practice test q5
The exhibit shows the healthy server with data sync working between the Consolidated server and the voice server
What does Remote id stand for?
QUESTION 6Which Anti-virus software is validated by Avaya IXTM Messaging release?
QUESTION 7Which email servers support Contact Sync and Calendar Sync? (Choose two.)
QUESTION 8What are three deployment configuration considerations for the installation of Avaya IXTM Messaging? (Choose three.)
QUESTION 9The number of Content Sync Engine (CSE) Servers required depends upon the number of advanced users that will be
working on the system. What kind of server is required for 2,500 Advanced users, in a High Availability solution?
QUESTION 10If the service is stopped manually, what will restart the SQL DB service automatically?
QUESTION 11When using distributed VSN configuration, how many advanced users can an entire Avaya IXTM Messaging solution
QUESTION 12Which two statements about Avaya IXTM Messaging integration with a third-party PBX are true? (Choose two.)
QUESTION 13From how many users does Avaya recommend to use High Availability?