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15Implementing DevOps Solutions and Practices using Cisco Platforms (DEVOPS)Lead4PassNov 30, 2022300-910 dumps
New Question 1:


Construct an Ansible script to gather information about target routers and then use it to apply no IP redirects to every interface on each device. Drag and drop the code from the bottom onto the correct location in the exhibit to complete the tasks section of the Ansible playbook so that it accomplishes your goal.

Select and Place:

new 300-910 dumps questions 1

Correct Answer:

new 300-910 dumps questions 1-1

New Question 2:

A developer wants to deploy a highly available web server cluster and decides to put a load balancer in front of multiple clustered nodes that run the same web service. The goal is for the load balancer to take in users and distribute the load across the whole cluster.

What kind of high-availability configuration is the developer running?

A. active

B. passive

C. active-passive

D. active-active

Correct Answer: C

New Question 3:

The company has experienced serious growth and the hosted applications are getting more and more hits. Based on the increased workload, applications have started to show signs of reduced performance, which is affecting the user experience.

Which two server metrics should be tracked to ensure that the customer experience remains within acceptable limits? (Choose two.)

A. application feature sprawl

B. CPU peak usage

C. CPU average usage

D. microservices count

E. CPU frequency

Correct Answer: BC

New Question 4:

Which step must be taken to enable centralized logging in a Kubernetes environment?

A. No steps need to be taken. The master node automatically aggregates logs from all worker nodes and stores them on the specified persistent volume.

B. Create a CustomResourceDefinition in each deployment that specifies the IP or names the log collector.

C. Deploy a sidecar node that aggregates logs from the entire cluster.

D. Create a DaemonSet that deploys a container with a logging agent on every node in the cluster.

Correct Answer: C

New Question 5:

Which Kubernetes object is used to create a ClusterIP or NodePort?

A. service

B. pod

C. deployment

D. loadbalancer

Correct Answer: A

New Question 6:

What are two reasons a Docker golden image should be updated? (Choose two.)

A. when there is a change to a username or password in the Docker secrets

B. when the application has a new release

C. when a fix for a security vulnerability is released

D. when a change is needed to an environment variable in the Dockerfile

E. when the base image is nearing the end of life

Correct Answer: BC

New Question 7:

What are the two benefits of Infrastructure as Code? (Choose two.)

A. It enables continuous integration.

B. It allows for management control.

C. It ensures consistency.

D. It improves application monitoring.

E. It reduces risk.

Correct Answer: CE

New Question 8:

A user wants to deploy a new service to a Kubernetes cluster. Which two commands accomplish this goal? (Choose two.)

A. Apply

B. Install

C. Deploy

D. Create

E. Expose

Correct Answer: AE

New Question 9:

A. docker attach -it test /bin/bash

B. docker run -it test /bin/bash

C. docker exec -it test /bin/bash

D. docker run test /bin/bash

Correct Answer: C

New Question 10:

What are the two advantages of using Configuration Management Tools? (Choose two.)

A. reduction in policy violations caused by human errors

B. reduction in administration costs

C. reduction in the network changes already performed automatically

D. reduction of on-premises networking equipment

E. reduction in networking team skills

Correct Answer: BC

New Question 11:

What is the responsibility of teams running private cloud servers that is less of a concern when running in the public cloud?

A. cost

B. metrics and monitoring

C. hardware maintenance

D. credentials management

Correct Answer: D

New Question 12:

How does eliminating hardcoded or default passwords help to secure an environment?

A. helps by enforcing your password in a repository and storing it in a secure vault

B. helps to manage passwords centrally

C. helps the penetration testing team to focus on other issues more efficiently

D. helps by removing back doors in your environments

Correct Answer: A

New Question 13:
new 300-910 dumps questions 13

Refer to the exhibit. What is the reason for this error message?

A. The required dependencies for the urllib3 module are not installed.

B. The requests module is not installed.

C. The required dependencies for the requests module are not installed.

D. The site-packages directory has been corrupted.

Correct Answer: B

New Question 14:

A CI/CD pipeline that builds infrastructure components using Terraform must be designed. A step in the pipeline is needed that checks for errors in any of the .tf files in the working directory. It also checks the existing state of the defined infrastructure.

Which command does the pipeline run to accomplish this goal?

A. terraform plan

B. terraform check

C. terraform fmt

D. terraform validate

Correct Answer: D

New Question 15:

A new version of an application is released by creating a separate instance of the application that is running the new code. Only a small portion of the user base will be directed to the new instance until that version has been proven stable.

Which deployment strategy is this example of?

A. recreate

B. blue/green

C. rolling

D. canary

Correct Answer: D


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