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Refer to the Exhibit.
Switch-1(config)# radius server host Switch-1(config-radius)# key “secretkey” Switch-1(config-radius)# exit
Switch-1(config)# aaa authentication login “LOCAL-AUTH” local Switch-1(config)# aaa authentication login “REMOTEAUTH” radius local Switch-1(config)# aaa authentication enable “REMOTE-AUTH” radius enable Switch-1(config)# aaa
authentication login default tacacs local Switch-1(config)# aaa authentication enable default tacacs enable
Switch-1(config)# line telnet Switch-1(config-telnet)# login authentication “REMOTE-AUTH” Switch-1(config-telnet)# exit
Switch-1(config)# line ssh Switch-1(config-ssh)# login authentication default Switch-1(config)# exit Switch-1(config)# line
console Switch-1(config-line)# login authentication “LOCAL-AUTH” Switch-1(config-line)# exit
Which authentication method will be used if a user tries to log into the switch when accessing through SSH?


Switch-1(config)# interface tengigabitethernet 1/0/1 Switch-1(config)# switchport mode access Switch-1(config)#
switchport trunk allowed VLAN 10, 20 Switch-1(config)# Switch-1(config)# interface tengigabitethernet 1/0/3
Switch-1(config)# switchport mode access Switch-1(config)# switchport access VLAN 10
Switch-2(config)# interface tengigabitethernet 1/0/2 Switch-2(config)# switchport mode trunk Switch-2(config)#
switchport trunk allowed VLAN 10, 20 Switch-2(config)# Switch-2(config)# interface tengigabitethernet 1/0/6
Switch-2(config)# switchport mode access Switch-2(config)# switchport access VLAN 20lead4pass des-5121 practice test q2
A network administrator is troubleshooting why Host 1 cannot communicate with Host 2.
Based on the switch output shown in the exhibit, what is the reason for the communication issue?


If a group of routers is running VRRP with a virtual router ID of 155, which MAC address will be used to respond to the ARP requests for the virtual IP?


A network administrator has configured a 4-port port-channel between two Dell EMC Campus networking switches. The
physical interfaces show as administratively up and operationally up on both switches. However, the port-channel shows
as operationally up on Switch A and operationally down on Switch B.
What is a potential reason for the inconsistent port-channel state?


A network administrator added a new Dell EMC N-Series switch into their network with RSTP configured. The spanning-tree priority on all existing switches has been left at the default value. If the administrator wants this new switch to
become the spanning-tree root, which command should be used?


lead4pass des-5121 practice test q6

The exhibit represents a topology with all Dell EMC N4000 Series switches with RSTP enabled. In addition, the switches
are using the default configuration on all ports and protocols. Which port number will be blocked by the spanning tree?


A network administrator wants to configure an ACL to deny traffic for a specific source IP and source UDP port. Which type of ACL should be used?


Which ports on a spanning tree root switch are always forwarding?


How many untagged VLANs are allowed on a switch port mode trunk interface?


N4032F#show interfaces status N4032F#show interfaces port-channel 1lead4pass des-5121 practice test q10 lead4pass des-5121 practice test q10-1
Hash Algorithm Type 1 – Source MAC, VLAN, EtherType, source module, and port Id 2 – Destination MAC, VLAN,
EtherType, source module and port Id 3 – Source IP and source TCP/UDP port 4 – Destination IP and destination
TCP/UDP port 5 – Source/Destination MAC, VLAN, EtherType, source MODID/port 6 – Source/Destination IP and
source/destination TCP/UDP port 7 – Enhanced hashing mode
A network administrator has reported poor network performance to an application server. After reviewing the logs, you
determine that the server is using 100 percent of the available bandwidth on its network port. As shown in the exhibit,
you configure a second link and a 2-member port-channel to an application server in an effort to increase performance.
However, during testing, network performance has not improved.
What is a possible reason why there has been no increase in performance?


What describes the POE+ capabilities of the Dell EMC N1100P Series?


After setting up the VoIP configuration, a network administrator issues the following commands with the results shown:
console# show voice VLAN Administrative Mode………………………Enable
console# show voice VLAN it gi 1/0/2
Voice VLAN Interface Mode……………Enabled
Voice VLAN ID………………………….10
Voice VLAN COS Overwrite……………False
Voice VLAN DSCP Value……………….46
Voice VLAN Port Status…………………Enabled
Voice VLAN Authentication…………….Disabled
Based on this information, what is the Layer 3 QoS value?


How does the weighted Queue Scheduler prioritize packets?

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