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cisco 200-201 practice test

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Cisco 200-201 exam practice questions online test

Welcome to your Cisco 200-201 exam practice questions online test

QUESTION 1What is the function of a command and control server?
QUESTION 2One of the objectives of information security is to protect the CIA of information and systems.
What does CIA mean in this context?
QUESTION 3Which attack method intercepts traffic on a switched network?
QUESTION 4What is an attack surface as compared to a vulnerability?
QUESTION 5Which metric is used to capture the level of access needed to launch a successful attack?
QUESTION 6What causes events on a Windows system to show Event Code 4625 in the log messages?
QUESTION 7An engineer needs to have visibility on TCP bandwidth usage, response time, and latency, combined with deep packet
inspection to identify unknown software by its network traffic flow. Which two features of Cisco Application Visibility and
Control should the engineer use to accomplish this goal? (Choose two.)
Drag and drop the uses on the left onto the type of security system on the right.
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Correct Answer:
lead4pass 200-201 exam questions q8-1
QUESTION 9Why is encryption challenging to security monitoring?
QUESTION 10Which two elements are used for profiling a network? (Choose two.)
QUESTION 11What is personally identifiable information that must be safeguarded from unauthorized access?
QUESTION 12Which action prevents buffer overflow attacks?
QUESTION 13A security expert is working on a copy of the evidence, an ISO file that is saved in CDFS format. Which type of evidence is this file?
QUESTION 14An engineer needs to fetch logs from a proxy server and generate actual events according to the data received. Which technology should the engineer use to accomplish this task?
Drag and drop the access control models from the left onto the correct descriptions on the right.
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Correct Answer:
lead4pass 200-201 exam questions q15-1

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