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A customer has a workload with the following attributes: Generates 250,000 IOPs 100 TB in logical capacity Read/Write the ratio of 1:1 Random workload with 8 kB I/O size Deduplication ratio of 2:1 Compression ratio of 2:1
Which XtremIO solution should be recommended to the customer?
A. 1×40 TB X-Brick
B. 2×10 TB X-Brick
C. 3×20 TB X-Brick
D. 4×10 TB X-Brick
Correct Answer: C
XtremIO clusters with 60 TB of physical usable flash capacity can now logically support 360 TB or more of capacity at
typical 6:1 data reduction (deduplication plus compression) ratios. Here we have a 4:1 reduction ratio, so 25 TB would
be enough. The 250,000 IOP requirements indicate that we need at least two Bricks.lead4pass e20-526 exam questions q1

References: https://store.emc.com/en-us/Product-Family/EMC-XtremIO-Products/EMC-XtremIO-All-Flash-Scale-OutArray/p/EMC-XtremIO-Flash-Scale-Out

You need to design an Oracle solution for a customer. Which XtremIO best practices should be used in Oracle
A. Use a 512 byte LUN sector size for databases. Use Eager Zeroed Thick formatting for ESXi
B. Use a 4 kB LUN sector size for databases. Use Lazy Zeroed Thick formatting for ESXi
C. Align data on 4 KB boundaries. Use Thin formatting on ESXi
D. Align data on 4 KB boundaries. Use Lazy Zeroed Thick formatting on ESXi
Correct Answer: A
The default setting for XtremIO volumes is 512e. It is recommended not to alter this in order to use 4K Advanced Format
for Oracle Database deployments. There are no performance ramifications when using 512e volumes in conjunction
with an Oracle database. On the contrary, 4K Advanced Format is rejected by many elements of the Oracle and Linux
operating system stack.
References: https://www.emc.com/collateral/white-papers/h13497-oracle-best-practices-xtremio-wp.pdf, page 20

Which part of the XtremIO architecture do host ports use to access an XtremIO volume?
B. Initiator
C. Target
D. Zone
Correct Answer: D
All XtremIO\\’s enterprise features (including Inline Data Reduction, snapshots, XDP, HA, etc.) have been developed as
part of the scale-out architecture. All data and metadata are evenly distributed across the entire cluster. I/Os are
admitted to the array via all the host ports, utilizing SAN zones and multi-pathing.
References: Introduction to the EMC XtremIO STORAGE ARRAY (April 2015), page 39

How many management IP addresses are required on a single XtremIO storage controller?
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4
Correct Answer: A
References: https://docs.openstack.org/juno/config-reference/content/XtremIO-cinder-driver.html#xtremio-managementip

Which multipathing software is supported by XtremIO?
A. PowerPath/VE and NMP on ESXi hosts
B. MPIO on non-clustered Microsoft Windows hosts only
C. PowerPath/VE on Microsoft Windows VMs hosted by ESXi
D. Native MPIO on IBM AIX clusters
Correct Answer: A
Noting the inefficiencies in VMware\\’s NMP driver, EMC developed a set of drivers specifically designed to overcome
these limitations and improve the performance and reliability of the data passing between an array and a server. EMC
developed the PowerPath family of products optimized specifically for Linux, Microsoft Windows, and UNIX Operating
Systems as well as PowerPath/VE for VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V hypervisors.
PowerPath is installed on hosts to provide path failover, load balancing, and performance optimization VPLEX engines
(or directly to the XtremIO array if VPLEX is not used).
Note: VMware, with the cooperation of its storage partners, developed a Native Multipathing Plug-in (NMP). VMware
NMP was designed to distribute the load over all the available paths and provide failover protection in the case of the path,
port or HBA failure, but it has not been fully optimized to work with the controllers in a storage system. VMware\\’s
NMP Round Robin policy does not have the intelligence that PowerPath has as PowerPath uses testing and diagnostics
to continually monitor an environment to determine the optimal path for queuing requests and will adapt to current
References: https://www.emc.com/collateral/analyst-reports/emc-taneja-group-powerpath-tb.pdf

A storage administrator wants to re-use some of their XtremIO thin-provisioned disks attached to a Microsoft Windows
2012 host. However, the administrator notices that the “Quick Format” of the drives is taking a long time to complete. This
has an impact on overall performance.
What should be recommended to minimize the performance impact?
A. Disable the I/O elevator feature on the Windows host while formatting
B. Temporarily disable the UNMAP feature on the Windows host during formatting
C. Adjust the execution throttle value on the Windows host
D. Change the disk format to thick provisioned
Correct Answer: B
It is related to TRIM/UNMAP, which is enabled per default in Server 2012(R2).
References: https://serverfault.com/questions/679211/quick-format-of-lun-in-server-2012r2-hosted-on-a-thin-provisionedsan-vol-take

A customer has decided to use VMware Horizon View as their desktop virtualization technology. Their VDI environment
will consist of XtremIO storage and ESXi hosts. They are looking for increased speed and low latencies while
performing file copy operations.
What should the setting for VAAI XCOPY I/O size be set to in order to achieve this requirement?
A. 8 kB
B. 63 kB
C. 256 kB
D. 4 MB
Correct Answer: C
The VAAI XCOPY I/O size of 256 kB gives the best performance. 4 MB is the default value.
References: https://www.emc.com/collateral/white-papers/h14279-wp-vmware-horizon-xtremio-designconsiderations.pdf, page 57

When creating XtremIO volumes for a host, which operating systems will benefit by changing the default logical block
size for applications consisting of 4 KB I/Os?
A. Microsoft Windows and RHEL
B. VMware ESX and Microsoft Windows
D. Sun Solaris and HP-UX
Correct Answer: B
With VMware ESX 5.5, the VMware hypervisor cannot work with LUNs that use a logical block size of 4K. When using
VMware, be sure to specify Normal (512 LBs) from your XtremIO array. References:

What is a characteristic of the XtremIO Snapshot feature?
A. Snapshots may be deleted in any order
B. Snapshots can only be deleted in reverse creation order
C. Only one snapshot may be created or deleted at a time
D. Snapshots can be restored
Correct Answer: D
Any copy in the hierarchy tree can be deleted without affecting the parents or children. Incorrect Answers:
B: Deleting a snapshot in the middle of the tree triggers an asynchronous process. This process merges the metadata of
the deleted entity\\’s children with that of their grandparents. This ensures that the tree structure is not fragmented.
C: It is possible to create copies of the production volumes in order to protect against logical data corruption. Multiple
copies can be created over a short interval in order to provide a fine RecoverPoint Objective (RPO) in a cyclic manner
(a superior RPO to a backup).
References: https://www.emc.com/collateral/white-paper/h13035-wp-introduction-to-xtremio-snapshots.pdf, page 14

You need to design a VDI solution for a customer. Which best practices should be used for VDI environments?
A. Align data on 4 KB boundaries. Put persona and user data on XtremIO LUNs
B. Align data on 4 KB boundaries. Allocate multiple XtremIO LUNs to each host
C. Align data on 8 KB boundaries. Put the master VM image on an XtremIO LUN
D. Align data on 8 KB boundaries. Put all VDI-related data on one large LUN
Correct Answer: C

QUESTION 11lead4pass e20-526 exam questions q11

Refer to the exhibit.
A customer has a VMware Horizon View environment with the following characteristics: One X-Brick XtremIO cluster
100% read during a boot storm 8K read/writes
What is the maximum recommended number of VDIs the XtremIO cluster can support during a boot storm?
A. 1625
B. 1833
C. 3250
D. 5094
Correct Answer: A
EMC estimates that 150 IOPS per desktop is required in a boot storm. As per the table, the recommended number of VDIs
then is 243,831/ 150, which equals 1625. References: https://www.emc.com/collateral/white-papers/h14279-wp-vmwarehorizon-xtremio-design-considerations.pdf, page 32

QUESTION 12lead4pass e20-526 exam questions q12

As shown in the exhibit, a customer\\’s environment is configured as follows: Dual X-Brick cluster 8 ESXi hosts with 2
HBAs Each ESXi hosts has 8 LUNs Each LUN is visible through 4 paths
What should be the host queue depth setting per path?
A. 64
B. 128
C. 256
D. 1024
Correct Answer: C
The queue depth is per LUN, and not per initiator. Here there are 64 LUNs, each visible through 4 paths, which would
indicate that 256 is a good choice for the queue depth setting.
Note: As general advice, for optimal operation with XtremIO storage, consider the following: Set the queue depth to
References: https://www.emc.com/collateral/white-paper/h14583-wp-best-practice-sql-server-xtremio.pdf

What is a method to establish an XMCLI session?
A. Use the PuTTY SSH tool configured for the serial port and xmsupload credentials
B. Use the Telnet SSH tool configured on Port 443 and root credentials
C. Use the CLI terminal in the Administration tab and root credentials
D. Use the PuTTY SSH tool configured for Port 22 and xmsadmin credentials
Correct Answer: D
The system\\’s Command Line Interface (CLI) allows administrators and other system users to perform supported
management operations. It is preinstalled on the XMS and can be accessed using the standard SSH protocol.
PuTTY is an SSH and telnet client.
The standard TCP port 22 has been assigned for contacting SSH servers.
You can log in using the builtin xmsadmin account.
References: Introduction to the EMC XtremIO STORAGE ARRAY (April 2015), page 50

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