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156-315.80 Question:

Latest CheckPoint 156-315.80 Online Exam Practice Questions

Which tool provides a list of trusted files to the administrator so they can specify to the Threat Prevention blade that
these files do not need to be scanned or analyzed?
A. ThreatWiki
B. Whitelist Files
C. AppWiki
D. IPS Protections
Correct Answer: B

What is the default shell of Gaia CLI?
A. Monitor
C. Read-only
D. Bash
Correct Answer: B

What kind of information would you expect to see using the sim affinity command?
A. The VMACs used in a Security Gateway cluster
B. The involved firewall kernel modules in inbound and outbound packet chain
C. Overview over SecureXL templated connections
D. Network interfaces and core distribution used for CoreXL
Correct Answer: D

There are 4 ways to use the Management API for creating host object with R80 Management API. Which one is NOT
A. Using Web Services
B. Using Mgmt_cli tool
C. Using CLISH
D. Using SmartConsole GUI console
E. Events are collected with SmartWorkflow from Trouble Ticket systems
Correct Answer: E

What command verifies that the API server is responding?
A. api stat
B. api status
C. show api_status
D. app_get_status
Correct Answer: B

What must you do first if “fwm sic_reset” could not be completed?
A. Cpstop then find keyword “certificate” in objects_5_0.C and delete the section
B. Reinitialize SIC on the security gateway then run “fw unloadlocal”
C. Reset SIC from Smart Dashboard
D. Change internal CA via cpconfig
Correct Answer: D

Check Point recommends configuring Disk Space Management parameters to delete old log entries when available disk
space is less than or equal to?
A. 50%
B. 75%
C. 80%
D. 15%
Correct Answer: D
Fill in the blank: Authentication rules are defined for ________ .
A. User groups
B. Users using UserCheck
C. Individual users
D. All users in the database
Correct Answer: A

Vanessa is firewall administrator in her company. Her company is using Check Point firewall on a central and several
remote locations which are managed centrally by R77.30 Security Management Server. On central location is installed
R77.30 Gateway on Open server. Remote locations are using Check Point UTM-1570 series appliances with R75.30
and some of them are using a UTM-1-Edge-X or Edge-W with latest available firmware. She is in process of migrating to
What can cause Vanessa unnecessary problems, if she didn\\’t check all requirements for migration to R80?
A. Missing an installed R77.20 Add-on on Security Management Server
B. Unsupported firmware on UTM-1 Edge-W appliance
C. Unsupported version on UTM-1 570 series appliance
D. Unsupported appliances on remote locations
Correct Answer: A

For Management High Availability, which of the following is NOT a valid synchronization status?
A. Collision
B. Down
C. Lagging
D. Never been synchronized
Correct Answer: B

What is the default shell for the command line interface?
A. Expert
B. Clish
C. Admin
D. Normal
Correct Answer: B
The default shell of the CLI is called clish Reference:

Which of the following describes how Threat Extraction functions?
A. Detect threats and provides a detailed report of discovered threats.
B. Proactively detects threats.
C. Delivers file with original content.
D. Delivers PDF versions of original files with active content removed.
Correct Answer: B

Full synchronization between cluster members is handled by Firewall Kernel. Which port is used for this?
A. UDP port 265
B. TCP port 265
C. UDP port 256
D. TCP port 256

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