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CyberArk CAU302 Online practice testing questions and answers

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QUESTION 1When accessing the Vault via PVWA, is it possible, is it possible to configure multiple Dual Authentication Methods?A. Yes, all authentication methods will be configured to use the Vault integrated authentication flow.B. No, dual authentication methods are not supported.C. Yes, authentication methods will be configured to use the combination of IIS and Vault integrated authentication flow.D. Yes, all authentication methods will be configured to use the IIS integrated authentication flow.

QUESTION 2What is the name of the Platform parameter that controls how long a password will stay valid when One Time Passwords are enabled via the Master Policy?A. MinValidityPeriodB. IntevalC. ImmediateIntervalD. Timeout

QUESTION 3Is it possible to modify the CyberArk Vault Audit Log?A. Yes, a Vault administrator can modify the Audit logB. No, the audit trail is tamper proof and cannot be edited, not even by MasterC. Yes, but only the Master user can modify the Audit logD. Yes, a Vault administrator can edit the Audit log but only with explicit permission from CyberArk

QUESTION 4Which of the following is NOT a use case for installing multiple CPMS?A. A single CPM cannot accommodate the total number of accounts managedB. Accounts are managed in multiple sites or VLANs protected by firewallC. Reduce network traffic across WAN linksD. Provide load balancing capabilities when managing passwords on target devices

QUESTION 5In order to retrieve data from the vault, a user MUST use an interface provided by CyberArk.A. TRUEB. FALSE

QUESTION 6It is possible to restrict the time of day, or day of week that a verify process can occurA. TRUEB. FALSE

QUESTION 7Customers who have the `Access Safe without confirmation\\’ safe permission on a safe where accounts are configured
for Dual control, still need to request approval to use the account.A. TRUEB. FALSE

QUESTION 8Which of the following can be configured in the Master Policy? Choose all that apply. A. Dual Control B. One Time Passwords C. Exclusive Passwords D. Password Reconciliation E. Ticketing Integration F. Required Properties G. Custom Connection Components H. Password Aging Rules

QUESTION 9When a DR vault server becomes an active vault, it will automatically failback to the original state once the primary
vault comes back online.A. True, this is the default behavior.B. False, this is not possible.C. True, if the `AllowFailback\\’ setting is set to yes in the PADR.ini file.D. True, if the `AllowFailback\\’ setting is set to yes in the dbparm.ini file.

QUESTION 10An SMTP integration allows you to forward audit records from the vault to the SIEM.A. TRUEB. FALSE

QUESTION 11Which report shows the accounts that are accessible to each user?A. Activity ReportB. Entitlement ReportC. Privileged Accounts Compliance Status ReportD. Applications Inventory Report

QUESTION 12All of your Unix root passwords are stored in the safe UnixRoot. Dual control is enabled for some of the accounts in that
safe. The members of the AD group UnixAdmins need to be able to use the show, copy and connect buttons on those
passwords at any time without confirmation. The members of the AD group OperationsStaff need to be able to use the
show, copy and connect buttons on those passwords on an emergency basis, but only with the approval of a member of
the operations manager. The members of OperationsManagers never need to be able to use the show, copy, or connect
buttons themselves.

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