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ACI 3I0-012 Online practice testing questions and answers

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You are quoted the following market rates:
spot EUR/CHF 1.1005 6M (180-day) EUR 3.45% 6M (180-day) CHF 1.25%
What are the 6-month EUR/CHF forward points?

A. +121

B. +120

C. -116

D. -119


Click on the Exhibit Button to view the Formula Sheet. If you bought USD 2,000,000 against CHF at 1.1020, USD
3,000,000 at 1.1040 and USD 5,000,000 at 1.1032, what is the average rate of your position?

A. 1.1030

B. 1.1035

C. 1.1028

D. 1.1032


Which of the following correctly statesthe Model Code\\’s

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