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Which of the following commands can be used to resolve a DNS name to an IP address?

A. dnsname

B. dns

C. query

D. host

E. iplookup


Which of the following examples shows the general structure of a for loop in a shell script?

A. for *.txt as file => echo $file

B. for *.txt ( echo $i )

C. for file in *.txt do echo $i done

D. for ls *.txt exec {} \;

E. foreach @{file} { echo $i }


Which of the following statements regarding Linux hardware drivers is correct?

A. Drivers are regular Linux programs which have to be run by the user who wants to use a device.

B. Drivers are not used by Linux because the BIOS handles all access to hardware on behalf of Linux.

C. Drivers are stored on their devices and are copied by the Linux kernel when a new device is attached

D. Driversare downloaded from the vendor\\’s

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