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QUESTION 1Which two statements are true about MySQL Enterprise Firewall? (Choose two.)
QUESTION 2Which three installation options are available for installing the MySQL Enterprise Monitor/Agent on Linux? (Choose three.)
QUESTION 3Which two methods help prevent MySQL security risks? (Choose two.)
QUESTION 4Which two statements are true about the creation or use of a Virtual Cloud Network (VCN)? (Choose two.)
QUESTION 5You have a MySQL Server instance (running with Port# 3306) monitored by the Service Manager in MySQL Enterprise
Monitor. You cloned the MySQL Database instance and configured it to be a replicated MySQL instance as Slave using
Port# 3316 on the same machine as the Master Server. The replication configuration is working correctly. The Master
and Slave Servers are running. You are trying to add the newly created MySQL Slave instance to the Monitor. The
Service Manager in MySQL Enterprise Monitor notifies you that the new instance is successfully added; however, it is
not added correctly at the newly added configuration points to the old Master monitored items. The Monitor shows only
one monitored MySQL instance for Master and Slave. Which two are possible reasons for this problem? (Choose two.)
QUESTION 6The MySQL Enterprise Monitor Agent requires a user configured in each MySQL instance that is being monitored with suitable privileges to collect information about the server. Which statement is correct?
QUESTION 7You have been using mysqldump for logical backups of your MySQL databases. Your MySQL database size has been growing. Which two options can reduce the backup size and speed up the backup time? (Choose two.)
QUESTION 8Which three are characteristics of the JSON data type? (Choose three.)
QUESTION 9You want to create an encrypted table. So, you enter this command:
CREATE TABLE \\’test_encryption2% (
\\’id\\’ int(10) unsigned NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,
\\’server_name\\’ varchar(15) NOT NULL,
You receive the following error:
ERROR 1031 (HY000): Table storage engine for `test_encryption2\\’ doesn\\’t have this option Which statement
correctly explains the reason for this error?
QUESTION 10You want to change the default behavior of MySQL Enterprise Monitor (MEM). New instances detected by a MEM agent should automatically monitor discovered instances. How can you change the Advisor Setting?
QUESTION 11Which three are requirements for MySQL Group Replication (GR)? (Choose three.)
QUESTION 12How would you restrict a user Joe from accessing all MySQL database objects?
QUESTION 13Which is a correct example of creating an Enterprise Encryption function?

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