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Welcome to your Juniper JN0-681 practice test


You are asked to deploy 20 QFX Series devices using ZTP. Each QFX5100 requires a specific FTP server.
In this scenario, which two components must you configure on the DHCP server? (Choose two.)


You are designing a network for a small data center.
In this scenario, which underlay protocol allows for the simplest implementation?


What is the purpose of the command shown in the exhibit?
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You are creating a new EVPN and are asked to selectively accept certain MAC advertisement routes from your EVPN
peers using VXLAN encapsulation.
Which statement is correct in this scenario?


You want to configure redundant Layer 3 gateways.
In this scenario, which two Juniper best practices would accomplish this task? (Choose two.)


Host1 and host2 are connected to an EVPN signaled VXLAN overlay, and must have Layer 3 connectivity. The VNI and
VLAN assignments are shown in the exhibit.
lead4pass jn0-681 practice test q6
In this scenario, which two statements are true? (Choose two.)


You host a multitenant data center that runs VMware. You must perform deep packet inspection on all inter-tenant traffic
that is flowing between the VMs within the same hypervisor. Your solution must provide security services without
needing to leave the physical device.
In this scenario, what should you do to solve this problem?


You are troubleshooting an L3VPN that is part of an EVPN/MPLS DCI. You notice that the EVPN overlay BGP session
toward is unable to establish.
lead4pass jn0-681 practice test q8
Why is the BGP session failing to establish?


Which two statements describe an IP fabric? (Choose two.)


You are deploying a VXLAN using EVPN signaling overlay network in your new data center. You are able to establish
your MP-BGP peering sessions and see your EVPN routes, but traffic will not traverse the VXLAN using EVPN
signaling overlay network.
What is the solution to this problem?


Your colleague has begun working on the base configuration for an active-active multihomed EVPN connection shown in the exhibit
lead4pass jn0-681 practice test q11
Which two actions will ensure a successful implementation? (Choose two.)


You have a site with thousands of MAC addresses multihomed to two leaf nodes in an EVPN VXLAN.
In this scenario, which EVPN feature provides fast network convergence in the event of a leaf node-link failure?


Which EVPN route type prevents BUM traffic from looping back to a multihomed host?

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