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Fill in the blank with an appropriate phrase.________ models address specifications, requirements, and design,
verification and validation, and maintenance activities.
Correct Answer: Life cycle
QUESTION 2Which of the following policies helps reduce the potential damage from the actions of one person?
QUESTION 3Which of the following response teams aims to foster cooperation and coordination in incident prevention, to prompt
rapid reaction to incidents, and to promote information sharing among members and the community at large?
QUESTION 4Which of the following issues are addressed by the change control phase in the maintenance phase of the life cycle
models? Each correct answer represents a complete solution. (Choose Three)
QUESTION 5An organization monitors the hard disks of its employees\\’ computers from time to time. Which policy does this pertain to?
QUESTION 6Which of the following backup sites takes the longest recovery time?
QUESTION 7Which of the following is a documentation of guidelines that computer forensics experts use to handle evidence?
QUESTION 8Mark works as a security manager for SoftTech Inc. He is performing a security awareness program. To be successful
in performing the awareness program, he should take into account the needs and current levels of training and
understanding of the employees and audience. There are five key ways, which Mark should keep in mind while
performing this activity. Current level of computer usage What the audience really wants to learn How receptive the
audience is to the security program How to gain acceptance Who might be a possible ally Which of the following
activities is performed in this security awareness process?
QUESTION 9Which of the following laws enacted in the United States makes it illegal for an Internet Service Provider (ISP) to allow child pornography to exist on Web sites?
Fill in the blank with an appropriate phrase.______________ is used to provide security mechanisms for the storage,
processing, and transfer of data.
Correct Answer: Data classification
QUESTION 11Which of the following terms describes a repudiation of a contract that occurs before the time when performance is due?
QUESTION 12You are the project manager of the NGQQ Project for your company. To help you communicate project status to your
stakeholders, you are going to create a stakeholder register. All of the following information should be included in the
stakeholder register except for which one?
QUESTION 13Which of the following plans provides procedures for recovering business operations immediately following a disaster?

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