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QUESTION 1Which feature is NOT provided by all Check Point Mobile Access solutions?
QUESTION 2In Advanced Permanent Tunnel Configuration, to set the amount of time the tunnel test runs without a response before the peer host is declared `down\\’, you would set the_________?
QUESTION 3Fill in the blank: An identity server uses a __________ for user authentication.
QUESTION 4Which process is used mainly for backward compatibility of gateways in R80.X? It provides communication with GUI client, database manipulation, policy compilation, and Management HA synchronization.
QUESTION 5On what port does the CPM process run?
QUESTION 6How many layers make up the TCP/IP model?
QUESTION 7How many images are included with Check Point TE appliance in Recommended Mode?
QUESTION 8What is the best practice before starting to troubleshoot using the “fw monitor” tool?
QUESTION 9To fully enable Dynamic Dispatcher with Firewall Priority Queues on a Security Gateway, run the following command in Expert mode then reboot:
QUESTION 10As an administrator, you may be required to add the company logo to reports. To do this, you would save the logo as a PNG file with the name `cover-company-logo.png\\’ and then copy that image file to which directory on the SmartEvent server?
QUESTION 11Check Point Support in many cases asks you for a configuration summary of your CheckPoint system. This is also called:
QUESTION 12What is considered a Hybrid Emulation Mode?
QUESTION 13How long may verification of one file take for Sandblast Threat Emulation?

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