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Which of the below-mentioned AWS RDS logs cannot be viewed from the console for MySQL?


What does Amazon VPC stand for?


Your customers are concerned about the security of their sensitive data and their inquiry asks about what happens to
old storage devices on AWS. What would be the best answer to this question?


A user is configuring the Multi-AZ feature of an RDS DB. The user came to know that this RDS DB does not use the
AWS technology, but uses server mirroring to achieve HA. Which DB is the user using right now?


A user has created an ELB with Auto Scaling. Which of the below mentioned offerings from ELB helps the user to stop
sending new requests traffic from the load balancer to the EC2 instance when the instance is being deregistered while
continuing in-flight requests?


EBS (Elastic Block Store) can be best described as:


A SysOps Administrator has implemented a VPC network design with the following requirements: Two Availability
Zones (AZs)
Two private subnets
Two public subnets
One internet gateway
One NAT gateway
What would potentially cause applications in the VPC to fail during an AZ outage?


A user has configured Auto Scaling with the minimum capacity as 2 and the desired capacity as 2. The user is trying to
terminate one of the existing instances with the command:
What will Auto Scaling do in this scenario?


A user is planning to use AWS services for his web application. If the user is trying to set up his own billing management
system for AWS, how can he configure it?


A routing table in VPC can be associated with multiple subnets. However, a subnet can be associated with only ______
route table(s) at a time.


The Security team has decided that there will be no public internet access to HTTP (TCP port 80) because it is moving
to HTTPS for all incoming web traffic. The team has asked a SysOps Administrator to provide a report on any security
groups that are not compliant.
What should the SysOps Administrator do to provide near real-time compliance reporting?


You have been asked to automate many routine systems administrator backup and recovery activities. You are current plan is to leverage AWS-managed solutions as much as possible and automate the rest with the AWS CLI and scripts.
Which task would be best accomplished with a script?


A SysOps Administrator deployed an AWS Elastic Beanstalk worker node environment that reads messages from an
auto-generated Amazon Simple Queue Service (Amazon SQS) queue and deletes them from the queue after
processing. Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling scales in and scales out the number of worker nodes based on CPU utilization.
After some time, the Administrator notices that the number of messages in the SQS queue is increasing significantly.
Which action will remediate this issue?

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