Latest Updated Oracle 1Z0-148 practice test

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QUESTION 1In your schema, the DEPARTMENTS table contains the columns DEPARTMENT_ID and DEPARTMENT_NAME.
You want to display the department name for the existing department id 10.
With SERVER OUTPUT enabled, which two blocks of code will give the required output?
QUESTION 2The following command is executed to start tracing in a user session:
SQL> EXECUTE DBMS_TRACE.SET_PLSQL_TRACE(DBMS_TRACE.TRACE_ENABLED_EXCEPTIONS); Which statement is true about the effect of the command?
QUESTION 3Examine this code (all compiled into schema HR): Execute this code:
[2021.1] lead4pass 1z0-148 practice test q3
EXEC test_pkg.do_stuff What is the correct output?
[2021.1] lead4pass 1z0-148 practice test q3-1
QUESTION 4Examine the following line of code that is part of a PL/SQL application: stmt:=\\'SELECT session_id FROM sessions
WHERE \\' || p_where_stmt; Identify a solution for preventing SQL injection in the above code.
QUESTION 5Which two statements are true about REF CURSOR types? (Choose two.)
QUESTION 6Examine the test_tbl table and its contents:
[2021.1] lead4pass 1z0-148 practice test q6
What is the outcome of this anonymous PL/SQL block?
QUESTION 7Which statements are true about the SecureFile storage paradigm? (Choose two.)
[2021.1] lead4pass 1z0-148 practice test q8
Which statement is true about DBMS_LOB.LOADCLOBFROMFILE?
QUESTION 9You executed the following command to alter the session parameter:
Which two statements are true in this scenario? (Choose two.)
QUESTION 10Select the correct statement regarding BEQUEATH CURRENT_USER.
QUESTION 11Examine these two columns:[2021.1] lead4pass 1z0-148 practice test q11
Which set of paired items is valid with respect to the DBMS_PARALLEL_EXECUTE package?
QUESTION 12Examine these statements regarding the DBMS_RESULT_CACHE package:
DBMS_RESULT_CACHE provides subprograms to administer the part of the shared pool used by the PL/SQL function
result cache only.
DBMS_RESULT_CACHE provides subprograms to administer the part of the shared pool used by both the PL/SQL
function result cache and the SQL result cache.
DBMS_RESULT_CACHE package is owned by the SYS user.
RESULT_CACHE_MODE can be set using a subprogram defined in the DBMS_RESULT_CACHE package. Which set
of statements is correct?
QUESTION 13This result cache is enabled for the database instance. Examine this code for a PL/SQL function:
[2021.1] lead4pass 1z0-148 practice test q13
Which two actions would ensure that the same result will be consistently returned for any session when the same input
value is passed to the function?