Latest Update Splunk SPLK-1001 practice test

Welcome to your Latest Update Splunk SPLK-1001 practice test

QUESTION 1Which command automatically returns percent and count columns when executing searches?
QUESTION 2Parsing of data can happen both in HF and Indexer.
QUESTION 3When looking at a statistics table, what is one way to drill down to see the underlying events?
QUESTION 4When viewing results of a search job from the Activity menu, which of the following is displayed?
QUESTION 5Splunk internal fields contain general information about events and start from underscore i.e. _ .
QUESTION 6What type of search can be saved as a report?
QUESTION 7How are events displayed after a search is executed?
QUESTION 8Log filtering/parsing can be done from _____________.
QUESTION 9How to make an Interesting field into a selected field?
QUESTION 10You can view the search result in the following format (Choose three.):
QUESTION 11Which of the following statements about case sensitivity is true?
QUESTION 12Prefix wildcards might cause performance issues.
QUESTION 13When editing a dashboard, which of the following are possible options? (Choose all that apply.)