Docker DCA practice test

Welcome to your Docker DCA practice test

QUESTION 1Which flag for a service would allow a container to consume more than 2 GB of memory only when there is no memory
contention but would also prevent a container from consuming more than 4GB of memory, in any case?
QUESTION 2The output of which command can be used to find the architecture and operating system an image is compatible with?
QUESTION 3Will this command list all nodes in a Swarm cluster from the command line? Solution: \\’docker node Is\\’
QUESTION 4Which of the following namespaces is disabled by default and must be enabled at Docker engine runtime in order to be used?
QUESTION 5Is this an advantage of multi-stage builds?
Solution: better caching when building Docker images
QUESTION 6You want to create a container that is reachable from its host\\’s network. Does this action accomplish this? Solution:
Use network attach to access the containers on the bridge network
QUESTION 7Is this a Linux kernel namespace that is disabled by default and must be enabled at Docker engine runtime to be used?
Solution: mnt
QUESTION 8Will this command ensure that overlay traffic between service tasks is encrypted? Solution: docker service create
–network –secure
QUESTION 9Which of the following are types of namespaces used by Docker to provide isolation? (Choose 2.)
QUESTION 10Which of the following commands starts a Redis container and configures it to always restart unless it is explicitly
stopped or Docker is restarted?
QUESTION 11Which statement is correct about cluster management in Docker Enterprise Edition 3.x?
QUESTION 12In the context of a swarm mode cluster, does this describe a node? Solution: a physical machine participating in the
QUESTION 13Which of these swarm manager configurations will cause the cluster to be in a lost quorum state?