aws DBS-C01 practice test

Welcome to your aws DBS-C01 practice test


A company is using Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL. The Security team wants all database connection requests to be
logged and retained for 180 days. The RDS for PostgreSQL DB instance is currently using the default parameter group.
A Database Specialist has identified that setting the log_connections parameter to 1 will enable connection logging.
Which combination of steps should the Database Specialist take to meet the logging and retention requirements?
(Choose two.)


A financial company wants to store sensitive user data in an Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL DB cluster.
The database will be accessed by multiple applications across the company. The company has mandated that all
communications to the database be encrypted and the server identity must be validated. Any non-SSL-based
should be disallowed access to the database.
Which solution addresses these requirements?


A Database Specialist needs to define a database migration strategy to migrate an on-premises Oracle database to an
Amazon Aurora MySQL DB cluster. The company requires near-zero downtime for data migration. The solution
must also be cost-effective.
Which approach should the Database Specialist take?


A global digital advertising company captures browsing metadata to contextually display relevant images,
pages, and links to targeted users. A single page load can generate multiple events that need to be stored individually.
The maximum size of an event is 200 KB and the average size is 10 KB. Each page load must query the user\\’s
history to provide targeting recommendations. The advertising company expects over 1 billion page visits per day from
users in the United States, Europe, Hong Kong, and India. The structure of the metadata varies depending on the
Additionally, the browsing metadata must be written and read with very low latency to ensure a good viewing experience
for the users.
Which database solution meets these requirements?


A company runs online transaction processing (OLTP) workloads on an Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL MultiAZ DB
instance. Tests were run on the database after work hours, which generated additional database logs. The free storage
of the RDS DB instance is low due to these additional logs. What should the company do to address this space
constraint issue?


A Database Specialist needs to speed up any failover that might occur on an Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL DB cluster.
The Aurora DB cluster currently includes the primary instance and three Aurora Replicas. How can the Database Specialist ensures that failovers occur with the least amount of downtime for the application?


A manufacturing company\\’s website uses an Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL DB cluster. Which configurations will result
in the LEAST application downtime during a failover? (Choose three.)


A company is developing a multi-tier web application hosted on AWS using Amazon Aurora as the database.
The application needs to be deployed to production and other non-production environments. A Database Specialist
needs to specify different MasterUsername and MasterUserPassword properties in the AWS CloudFormation templates
for automated deployment. The CloudFormation templates are version controlled in the company\\’s code repository.
The company also needs to meet compliance requirement by routinely rotating its database master password for
What is the most secure solution to store the master password?


A company is running its line of business application on AWS, which uses Amazon RDS for MySQL at the persistent
data store. The company wants to minimize downtime when it migrates the database to Amazon Aurora. Which
migration method should a Database Specialist use?


A company has a production Amazon Aurora Db cluster that serves both online transaction processing (OLTP)
transactions and compute-intensive reports. The reports run for 10% of the total cluster uptime while the OLTP
transactions run all
the time. The company has benchmarked its workload and determined that a six-node Aurora DB cluster is appropriate
for the peak workload. The company is now looking at cutting costs for this DB cluster but needs to have a sufficient
number of nodes in the cluster to support the workload at different times. The workload has not changed since the
previous benchmarking exercise.
How can a Database Specialist address these requirements with minimal user involvement?


A company is using Amazon with Aurora Replicas for read-only workload scaling. A Database Specialist needs
to split up two read-only applications so each application always connects to a dedicated replica. The Database Specialist wants to implement load balancing and high availability for the read-only applications.
Which solution meets these requirements?


A company has deployed an e-commerce web application in a new AWS account. An Amazon RDS for MySQL Multi-AZ
DB instance is part of this deployment with a endpoint
on port 3306. The company\\’s Database Specialist is able to log in to MySQL and run queries from the bastion host
using these details. When users try to utilize the application hosted in the AWS account, they are presented with a
error message. The application servers are logging a “could not connect to server:
Connection times out” error message to Amazon CloudWatch Logs.
What is the cause of this error?


A large eCommerce company uses Amazon DynamoDB to handle the transactions on its web portal. Traffic patterns
throughout the year are usually stable; however, a large event is planned. The company knows that traffic will increase
by up to 10 times the normal load over the 3-day event. When sale prices are published during the event, traffic will
spike rapidly.
How should a Database Specialist ensure DynamoDB can handle the increased traffic?