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Latest Oracle Database 12c 1Z0-063 Dumps Exam Questions And Answers (Q1-Q20)

You have recently collected statistics on certain objects of a schema in your database. But you observe suboptimal execution plans for the queries on these objects after two days of statistics collection. The optimizer statistics retention period is set to its default value.
Which action would help to use the previous set of statistics on the objects?
A. Restore statistics from statistics history.
B. Reduce the optimizer statistics retention period by 2 days.
D. Reduce the Automatic Workload Repository (AWR) retention period by 2 days.
Correct Answer: A

Your organization requires that all General Ledger journal entries for the Payables liability account have a blank department on the entries.
Identify the best approach to achieve this business requirement.
A. Use ChartField combination edits.
B. Manually change the erroneous journal entries.
C. Use Journal Entry Template to hide the department fielD.
D. Use page-level PeopleCode to enforce the business rulE.
Correct Answer: A

Which three statements are true about PeopleSoft trees?
A. The structure and development of your PeopleSoft trees directly impacts the efficiency of your organization’s reporting, processing, and ongoing maintenance of fields.
B. The Insert Detail button on the tree allows you to actually add values to the detail value tables if the value does not already exist (such as an Account to the GL_ACCODNT_TBL record).
C. You can create only one tree per ChartFielD.
D. A tree in draft mode cannot be used in reporting until it has been saved in a valid statE.
Correct Answer: ABD

On which page would you set up the Cross-Product Drill Down capability for online inquiries?
A. Ledger Template
B. Journal Entry Template
C. Accounting Entry Definition
D. Journal Generator Template
E. Ledgers for A Unit – Journal Post Options
Correct Answer: C

To support the deployment of a new provisioning system, a company wants to install and configure a production domain with Oracle SOA Suite and Oracle Service Bus.
Which statement is true about the required effort?
A. Separate domains must be configured for Oracle SOA Suite and Oracle Service Bus.
B. The Oracle Repository Creation Utility (RCU) must be run twice to create the required schemas.
C. The installation of Oracle SOA Suite includes the installation of Oracle Service Bus.
D. A supported version of WebLogic Server must be installed before installing Oracle SOA Suite.
Correct Answer: D

Which statement is FALSE about Standard Journals? 1Z0-063 dumps
A. Standard Journal Entries (SJEs) allow you to automate the entry of similar or identical journal entries.
B. You must define a schedule for a Spread SJE typE.
C. You can use a normal journal entry as a model for the SJE.
D. A Recurring journal entry is an SJE type entry that is reproduced in its entirety on a fixed schedulE.
Correct Answer: D

What two architectural factors most heavily influence the interoperability of the Oracle Adapters with Oracle Service Bus (OSB) and Oracle SOA Suite?
A. Oracle Adapters are based on the Java EE Connector Architecture (JCA) 1.5 specification.
B. Oracle Adapters use native APIs to connect to the supported back-end applications.
C. Oracle Adapters are deployed to the same Oracle WebLogic Servers as Oracle Fusion Middleware.
D. Use of Oracle Adapters Extended Architecture (XA) features is completely optional.
Correct Answer: BC

You notice that the performance of the database has degraded because of frequent checkpoints. Which two actions resolve the issue? (Choose two.)
A. Disable automatic checkpoint tuning
B. Check the size of the redo log file size and increase the size if it is small
C. Set the FAST_START_MTTR_TARGET parameter as per the advice given by the MTTR Advisor
D. Decrease the number of redo log members if there are more than one redo log members available in each redo log group
Correct Answer: BC

For each enrollment request message, a health insurance carrier’s web service always returns a response message acknowledgement the receipt of the enrollment request. If there are problems fulfilling the requested enrollment, the web service may respond at a later time with an additional response message detailing why the enrollment could not be fulfilled.
Which Oracle SOA Suite service component should be used to implement this integration pattern?
A. BPEL Process
B. Mediator
C. Business Rule
D. Human Workflow
Correct Answer: C

Which statement is true about the Manageability Monitor (MMON) background process?
A. It transfers statistics from memory to disk at regular intervals.
B. It coordinates the rebalance activity for disk groups when ASM is used.
C. It communicates with the Automatic Storage Management (ASM) instance on behalf of the database instance.
D. It performs dynamic memory management when Automatic Shared Memory Management is enabled for the database instance.
Correct Answer: A

You want to configure and schedule offline database backups to run automatically.
Which tool or utility would you use to achieve this?
A. The XML script
B. The PL/SQL script
D. Enterprise Manager to schedule the backup
Correct Answer: D

You are managing an Oracle Database 11g database. You configured the database to run in ARCHIVELOG mode.
Which two statements are true in this scenario? (Choose two.)
A. You must shut down the database instance to perform the backups.
B. You must configure the Flash Recovery Area (FRA) for the database.
C. You can perform complete database backups without closing the database.
D. All the previous closed database backups including control files become invalid afteryou configure the database to ARCHIVELOG mode.
Correct Answer: CD

Which two statements are true about the Automatic Workload Repository (AWR)? 1Z0-063 dumps (Choose two.)
A. All AWR tables belong to the SYSTEM schema
B. The AWR contains systemwide tracing and logging information
C. The snapshots collected by the AWR are accessible through data dictionary views
D. The snapshots collected by the AWR are used by self-tuning components in the database
Correct Answer: CD

Oracle SOA Suite is being used to virtualize service calls to a third-party human resources provider. The planned service payloads will require minimum transformation. Routing is simple because service calls will be mapped one-for-one to existing third-party services.
Which two components should be used to handle this service virtualization?
A. BPEL Process
B. Proxy Service
C. Mediator
D. Business Service
Correct Answer: AD

Which two are available as conditions for an alert rule in BAM 12c?
A. between two times
B. when rows are deleted from a data object
C. a particular day of the week
D. when a web service is invoked
Correct Answer: BD

Which Oracle Event Processing (OEP) data cartridge should you use to track the GPS location of buses and generate alerts when a bus arrives at its predetermined bus stop positions?
A. JDBC Data
B. Oracle Spatial
C. Hadoop Big Data
D. NoSQLDB Big Data
E. Java Data
Correct Answer: B

In a BPEL model, what is the quickest way to implement a capability to skip rule execution if a particular condition holds?
A. Model a switch activity to conditionally execute the business rule component.
B. Use a skip condition on the business rule component.
C. Include an XPath expression in an annotation on the business rule component.
D. Use a correlation set on the business rule component.
Correct Answer: C

The identity context is opaque to your web service client and web service and you don’t need to perform any additional coding or processing in your client or service to support it after you enable identity context propagation.
Which Oracle SOA Suite component directly enables this behavior?
A. Oracle Web Service Manager Policy Manager
B. Oracle BPEL Process Manager
C. Oracle Enterprise Manager
D. Oracle User Messaging Service
Correct Answer: D

Which two statements are true about the defined Oracle JMS Adapter outbound connection?
A. It supports connections to JMS distributed queues.
B. It uses default credentials when connecting to the remote JMS provider.
C. It supports zero message loss via distributed transactions.
D. It requires the JMS consumer to explicitly commit transactions.
Correct Answer: AB

Which two statements are true about working with tasks in Business Process Workspace? 1Z0-063 dumps
A. A user can create personal to-do tasks that are unassociated with a process instance.
B. Delegating a task means to transfer the task to another user or group.
C. You can see how long each completed step has taken to finish.
D. You can display the process model and view the path a process instance has taken.
Correct Answer: AD

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