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Match these terms with their description.
Select and Place:
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QUESTION 2The BIG-IP full proxy architecture has full visibility from the client to the server and from the server to the client.
What security benefit does this provide to customers?
QUESTION 3When configuring monitors for individual pool members, which three options can be selected?
(Choose three.)
QUESTION 4How is traffic flow through transparent virtual servers different from typical virtual servers? (Choose two.)
QUESTION 5A BIG-IP has the following objects configured:
[2021.1] lead4pass f5 101 practice test q5
A virtual server at that is associated with both the SNAT pool and the load balancing pool. If a client at
IP address initiates a connection to the virtual server, what will the source IP address be in the packets
sent to the chosen pool member?
QUESTION 6Which of the following is NOT a method that TMOS uses to improve the performance of applications?
QUESTION 7Which of the following statements is true about ARX\\’s capacity balancing ability?
QUESTION 8Which events are valid iRule events triggered by BIG-IP ASM processing? (Choose two.)
QUESTION 9WebAccelerator uses three tiers to improve performance. What are the three tiers? (Choose three.)
QUESTION 10Which of the following is not a configurable parameter data type?
QUESTION 11The sensitive parameter is a feature used to hide sensitive information from being displayed in which of the following?
QUESTION 12After editing and saving changes to the configuration file containing virtual servers, what is the immediate result?
QUESTION 13Administrators can configure three of the following load balancing options in GTM? (Choose three.)

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