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A user is trying to send custom metrics to CloudWatch using the PutMetricData APIs. Which of the below mentioned
points should the user needs to take care of while sending the data to CloudWatch?


A company recently transformed its legacy infrastructure provisioning scripts to AWS CloudFormation templates. The
newly developed templates are hosted in the company\\’s private GitHub repository. Since adopting CloudFormation,
the company has encountered several issues with updates to the CloudFormation templates, causing execution or
creating environment. Management is concerned by the increase in errors and has asked a Solutions Architect to
design the automated testing of CloudFormation template updates.
What should the Solution Architect do to meet these requirements?


Which of the following does Amazon DynamoDB perform?


A user is configuring MySQL RDS with PIOPS. What should be the minimum PIOPS that the user should provision?


A fleet of Amazon ECS instances is used to poll an Amazon SQS queue and update items in an Amazon DynamoDB
database. Items in the table are not being updated, and the SQS queue is filling up. Amazon CloudWatch Logs are
showing consistent 400 errors when attempting to update the table. The provisioned write capacity units are
appropriately configured, and no throttling is occurring.
What is the LIKELY cause of the failure?


You are designing the network infrastructure for an application server in Amazon VPC. Users will access all application
instances from the Internet, as well as from an on-premises network. The on-premises network is connected to your
VPC over an AWS Direct Connect link.
How would you design routing to meet the above requirements?


A company is migrating an application to AWS. It wants to use fully managed services as much as possible during the
migration. The company needs to store large, important documents within the application with the following
The data must be highly durable and available.
The data must always be encrypted at rest and in transit.
The encryption key must be managed by the company and rotated periodically.
Which of the following solutions should the Solutions Architect recommend?


When does an AWS Data Pipeline terminate the AWS Data Pipeline-managed compute resources?


A company needs to move its on-premises resources to AWS. The current environment consists of 100 virtual machines
(VMs) with a total of 40 TB of storage. Most of the VMs can be taken offline because they support functions during
business hours only, however, some are mission-critical, so downtime must be minimized.
The administrator of the on-premises network provisioned 10 Mbps of internet bandwidth for the migration. The on-premises network throughput has reached capacity and would be costly to increase. A solutions architect must design a
migration solution that can be performed within the next 3 months.
Which method would fulfill these requirements?


One of your AWS Data Pipeline activities has failed consequently and has entered a hard failure state after retrying thrice.
You want to try it again. Is it possible to increase the number of automatic retries to more than thrice?


Which of the following statements is correct about AWS Direct Connect?


Will you be able to access EC2 snapshots using the regular Amazon S3 APIs?


A company is building an AWS landing zone and has asked a Solutions Architect to design a multi-account access
strategy that will allow hundreds of users to use corporate credentials to access the AWS Console. The company is
running a Microsoft Active Directory, and users will use an AWS Direct Connect connection to connect to AWS. The
company also wants to be able to federate to third-party services and providers, including custom applications.
Which solution meets the requirements by using the LEAST amount of management overhead?

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