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A product team is creating a new application that will store a large amount of data The data will be analyzed hourly and
modified by multiple Amazon EC2 Linux instances The application team believes the amount of space needed will
continue to grow for the next 6 months Which set of actions should a solutions architect take to support these needs\\’?


A company has an application workflow that uses an AWS Lambda function to download and decrypt files from Amazon
S3 These files are encrypted using AWS Key Management Service Customer Master Keys (AWS KMS CMKs) A
solutions architect needs to design a solution that will ensure the required permissions are set correctly.
Which combination of actions accomplish this? (Select TWO.)


A company has a website running on Amazon EC2 instances across two Availability Zones. The company is expecting
spikes in traffic on specific holidays and wants to provide a consistent user experience. How can a solutions architect
meet this requirement?


A company has enabled AWS CloudTrail logs to deliver log files to an Amazon S3 bucket for each of its developer
accounts. The company has created a central AWS account for streamlining management and audit reviews. An
internal auditor needs to access the CloudTrail logs, yet access needs to be restricted for all developer account users.
The solution must be secure and optimized.
How should a solutions architect meet these requirements?


A company has been storing analytics data in an Amazon RDS instance for the past few years. The company asked a
solutions architect to find a solution that allows users to access this data using an API The expectation is that the application will experience periods of inactivity but could receive bursts of traffic within seconds Which solution should the solutions architect suggest?


As part of budget planning, management wants a report of AWS billed items listed by the user. The data will be used to
create department budgets. A solutions architect needs to determine the most efficient way to obtain this report
information. Which solution meets these requirements?


A company running an on-premises application is migrating the application to AWS to increase its elasticity and
availability. The current architecture uses a Microsoft SQL Server database with heavy read activity. The company
wants to explore alternate database options and migrate database engines if needed. Every 4 hours, the development
team does a full copy of the production database to populate a test database. During this period, users experience
latency. What should a solution architect recommend as replacement database?


A company has a mobile chat application with a data store based in Amazon DynamoDB. Users would like new
messages to be read with as little latency as possible. A solutions architect needs to design an optimal solution that
requires minimal application changes.
Which method should the solutions architect select?


A company is looking for a solution that can store video archives in AWS from old news footage. The company needs to
minimize costs and will rarely need to restore these files. When the files are needed, they must be available in a
maximum of five minutes.
What is the MOST cost-effective solution?


a website on Amazon S3. The website serves petabytes of outbound traffic monthly, which accounts for most of the
company\\’s AWS costs. What should a solutions architect do to reduce costs?


A solution architect is performing a security review of a recently migrated workload. The workload is a web application
that consists of Amazon EC2 instances in an Auto Scaling group behind an Application Load balancer. The solution
architect must improve the security posture and minimize the impact of a DDoS attack on resources.
Which solution is MOST effective?


A company is hosting a website behind multiple Application Load Balancers. The company has different distribution
rights for its content around the world. A solutions architect needs to ensure that users are served the correct content
without violating distribution rights. Which configuration should the solutions architect choose to meet these


A company has a 143 TB MySQL database that it wants to migrate to AWS. The plan is to use Amazon Aurora MySQL
as the platform going forward. The company has a 100 Mbps AWS Direct Connect connection to Amazon VPC. Which
solution meets the company\\’s needs and takes the LEAST amount of time?

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