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Free test VMware VCP6-DCV 2v0-621 Exam questions and Answers

Which two scenarios could cause Storage DRS to be disabled on a Virtual Disk (VMDK)? (Choose two.)
A. The VMDK is an independent disk.
B. The virtual machine has vSphere Fault Tolerance enabled.
C. The VMDK is hosted on NFS storage.
D. The virtual machine has a CD-ROM/ISO image connected.
Correct Answer: AB

An administrator is troubleshooang a CPU performance issue for a virtual machine. Which three esxtop counters may
demonstrate CPU contenaon? (Choose three.)
Correct Answer: ACE

Which two statements are true regarding Virtual SAN Fault Domains? (Choose two.)
A. They enable Virtual SAN to tolerate the failure of an enare physical rack.
B. Virtual SAN ensures that no two replicas are provisioned on the same domain.
C. Virtual SAN ensures that all replicas are provisioned on the same domain.
D. They require VMware High Availability (HA) to ensure component distribuaon across domains.
Correct Answer: AB

An administrator observes the following symptoms for a virtual machine:
CPU usage is consistently above 90%
CPU ready value is consistently above 20%.
Applicaaon performance is impacted.
Which two acaons should the administrator take to improve the performance of this virtual machine? (Choose two.)
A. Increase the number of vCPUs assigned to this virtual machine.
B. Decrease the number of vCPUs assigned to this virtual machine.
C. Verify that VMware Tools is installed on every virtual machine on the host.
D. Increase the CPU shares assigned to the virtual machine.
Correct Answer: CD

When upgrading vCenter Server, an administrator noaces that the upgrade fails at the vCenter Single Sign-On
installaaon. What must be done to allow the upgrade to complete?
A. Verify that the VMware Directory service can stop by manually restarang it.
B. Verify that the vCenter Single Sign-On service can stop by manually restarang it.
C. Uninstall vCenter Single Sign-On service.
D. Uninstall the VMware Directory service.
Correct Answer: A

What is the maximum number of snapshot instances in vSphere Replicaaon that can be confgured to recover a virtual
machine at a specifc point in ame?
A. 16
B. 24
C. 48
D. 72
Correct Answer: B

An administrator wants to clone a virtual machine using the vSphere Client. Which explains why the Clone opaon is
A. The vSphere Client is directly connected to the ESXi host.
B. The virtual machine is confgured with a thin-provisioned virtual disk.
C. The virtual machine is confgured with outdated Virtual Hardware.
D. Cloning can only be performed with vRealize Orchestrator.
Correct Answer: A

Which three parameters should be considered when calculaang the bandwidth for vSphere Replicaaon? (Choose
A. Data change rate
B. Trafc rates
C. Link speed
D. Applicaaon type
E. Hardware type
Correct Answer: ABC

A vSphere Web Client task fails while creaang a VMFS datastore on a disk with these characterisacs:
The disk was formated with an Master Boot Record (MBR) paraaon table The disk was not erased
The disk is visible in the vSphere Web Client
What acaon needs to be performed to resolve the issue?
A. Delete the paraaons manually with partedUal.
B. Create a VMFS3 fle system frst, then upgrade it.
C. Create a VMFS5 fle system with the command esxcli storage flesystem add.
D. Delete the data with the vmkfstools command.
Correct Answer: A

An administrator is unable to start the vCenter Server service. The vpxd.log fle shows this service failure:
[13308 error \\’Default\\’ opID=622892-371bf717] CoreDump: Unable to write minidump [13308 error \\’Default\\’

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